Rami Sharaf


I have always lived on the margins of communities where my upbringing and my own personal experience have created the person I am today; one that stands on the edges of one continent and looks forward to the other. Being always embedded in the Middle East but also relating to Europe, I found myself often explaining myself to both parties realizing that there are more misunderstandings than points of discussions although there are more similarities than differences. Currently I relate to those I really feel, refugees and asylum seekers living on the edges of the human experience and on the margins of society. I have been an expert in the Middle East migration crisis with experience of over 3 years now as well as a Master’s degree in Housing and Livelihoods, specializing in forced migration studies. My analytical skills along with my accessibility to the intense stories written and told in different languages have enabled me to participate in inter-disciplinary projects and therefore introduce interventions that have reportedly improved the lives of many.

Beschikbaar voor

Consultancies, Essays en artikelen, Podcasts, Talks, Trainingen.


Cultural awareness, Cultuur, Economie, Internationaal recht, Internationale samenwerking, Islam en islamitische wereld, Jongeren, traumaverwerking.

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