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The Greater Middle East Platform’s mission is to differentiate and humanise the image of the Middle East and North Africa. From an independent position and with an inquisitive eye, we aim to contribute to sustainable connections between Europe and the Middle East. To this end, we bring together a diverse group of Dutch Middle East experts, who have one foot in the Netherlands and the other in the Middle East. They follow local developments there as well as here, and look for innovative solutions to problems. They think and work beyond the stereotypical perception of the Middle East, and keep the human perspective in mind.

The Greater Middle East Platform is intended for organisations and individuals looking for specific knowledge and information on the Greater Middle East, from Morocco to Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Platform offers knowledge and expertise. It analyses, initiates and facilitates debate, and puts it on the agenda.



The Greater Middle East Platform is your partner in organising training courses, lectures and meetings, and in issuing tailor-made analyses and advice.

We have at our disposal a broad pool of Middle East experts, all of whom are passionate and involved. We use their extensive experience and knowledge on a large number of themes, the right expert for each issue. We always tailor our offers and find the expert you need or are looking for. Experience has taught us that each lecture, training or analysis has its own context.

We publish in Dutch since our target audience is the Dutch public. Our experts master several other languages as well, including Arabic. Please feel free to contact us for talks, training and consultancies.

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