White paper The EU Green Deal and the Middle East & North Africa

In 2019, we initiated the Green MENA Network project. We had noticed that sustainable actors in the MENA-countries are repeatedly overlooked and are often not invited to take part in global discussions on climate and sustainability. We mapped more than 550 green NGOs, researchers, companies and activists active in the region from Iraq to Morocco. During collaborative activities, we learned about their agenda and needs. Moreover, our partner the Arab Reform Initiative did in-depth research on the topic and how it relates to European policies. Based on the combined expertise and priorities of smaller and bigger local actors, we feel obliged to make an urgent call to the EU Commission and European stakeholders.

The European Commission recently proposed a European Green Deal, which sets the blueprint for a transformational change of the European economy and its society. It was presented by the Commission in 2019 and was positively received by the European Parliament.


Taking into consideration the EU’s historic and current ties with the MENA-countries, its proximity to Europe, and the tremendous impact Europe’s transition will have on the MENA-region, it is evident that the EU needs to consider the MENA’s green agenda next to the EU Green Deal. In order to understand the critical importance of a green deal for the MENA-region, one only has to consider the environmental challenges the region is facing.

In this white paper (accessible by clicking on the image below or via this link), you read why it is crucial that Europe links its green agenda to the neighbouring region, and how it can support a livable and sustainable future in the MENA-countries.


Sylva van Rosse is mede-oprichter van Het Grote Midden Oosten Platform. In haar werk maakt ze de Arabische wereld toegankelijk voor Europese actoren die willen werken aan een gedeelde toekomst.

Vanessa Lambrecht is expert en bestuurslid bij Het Grote Midden Oosten Platform. Zij is arabiste en heeft een grote interesse in hedendaagse ontwikkelingen in de regio.

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